Meet Jovanka Ciares: Music Exec Turned Wellness Coach Extraordinaire

Be honest: wouldn’t you kill for a glamourous job in the music industry working with artists like Beyoncé and Jay-Z? That was Jovanka Ciares, a Puerto Rican music executive who loved her New York City lifestyle and its culture of opportunity. Jovanka hustled and thrived, even though her job came with stress, given long hours and constant dealings with such high-stakes celebrities. When her health started acting up she could no longer ignore the reality that working so hard was literally making her sick.

She consulted with doctors to no avail—not one of them could give her answers. Keen on getting healthy, she started exploring on her own, a quest that ultimately led her to become a renowned wellness coach. Jovanka walked away from the dream job so that she could properly honor the dream.

4 Lessons to Take from Jovanka Right Now

Save Money & Lower Your Overhead

Jovanka made it a point to save money while she worked, so when she left her job, she had financial security. And while honing her brand as a wellness coach, she lowered her expenses (no more weekly manicures, massages or expensive meals).

Your Pain is the Path to Your Brand

The despair of not being able to get healthy was precisely what inspired Jovanka to become an expert in wellness—and this very expertise is the foundation of her brand.

No Company Will Save You

Granted, she loved her prestigious job, the experience and the connections—but deep down Jovanka realized that no job or company in the world was going to help her become self-made. She knew it was an inside job.

Be Willing to Take Risks

Jovanka was willing to gamble with her financial stability for the sake of her goals. She took her power, despite the fear of not knowing exactly how it would work out.

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