Meet Denise Hewett: Quintessential Millennial Disruptor

Imagine not yet being 30 and already having worked on the Sex in the City film, Ugly Betty, at MTV Networks, and wrangled a snazzy DJ career on the side. That was Denise Hewett in New York before she decided it was time to move to Los Angeles and unapologetically disrupt Hollywood. After a slew of incredible job experiences, Denise had a vision for a new kind of marketplace for screenwriters, one that might render the middle-man obsolete.

She took the bull by the horns, was willing to walk away from her day-job, and joined forces with experts to create her startup, which she now runs from LA.

4 Lessons to Take from Denise Right Now

Connect the Dots of Your Life

Denise worked a wide range of jobs (from fashion and PR to music and events), which became the constellation of experience that allowed the essence of her mission, as a producer, to emerge.

Push Yourself to Explore What You’re Made Of

Denise worked for a nightclub while in college—but instead of treating it like a part-time gig, she managed to raise the company’s sales by 17%.

Embrace the Sharing Economy

As a DJ, Denise encountered technology that made music sharing easier, which led her to think the same could be true for scripts, an a-ha moment that became the impetus for her business.

Hire Experts to do What You Can’t

Even though she had a wide range of experience, Denise knew the tech piece of her startup was new territory. She partnered with a technology expert, understanding that as a leader, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is surrender to what you don’t know.


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