Meet Sherrijon Gaspard: Flight Attendant who Soared by Making Her Own Wine

As a flight attendant, Sherrijon Gaspard prides herself on being an expert at keeping passengers comfortable and content. But it wasn’t until she started moonlighting as a business school student that she found a way to make herself truly content. Combining her new education with her built-in love of hospitality and entertaining, she started a line of sparkling wine, using her own kitchen as a testing lab.

A true renaissance woman, Sherrijon now seamlessly juggles all three worlds: her award-winning wine gives her purpose; business school gave her the resources and networks to make it so; and being on a plane fulfills her love of making other people happy.

4 Lessons to Take from Sherrijon Right Now

Walk a Parallel Track of Mission & Money

Sherrijon never left her position as a flight attendant. Instead, she leans on the stability it brings her to pursue her true mission.

Solve a Problem to Build a Brand

When Sherrijon was out socializing, she found herself constantly searching for the perfect drink. She sought something bubbly reminiscent of wine. Something refreshing but bold. When she realized she was looking for a product that didn’t exist—she decided to make it herself.

Embrace the Power of Mentorship

While in school Sherrijon joined groups with other like-minded women, who helped her navigate the entrepreneurial journey and paved her way with reliable support.

Act Like an Owner In Every Job

Even though the wine line has become her main business, Sherrijon is still steadfast about being the best flight attendant she can be. She gets the fact that working hard is a muscle to flex, at every given chance.


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