Meet Tara Winter: eBay Maverick Who Runs a Business From Her Bedroom

Tara Winter came from a family that never had to worry about money—until they did, and suddenly life as she knew it radically changed. Tara, who was used to things like private school and shopping with friends, started working retail to help her parents make ends meet. Flexing the work muscle not only provided her income, but also quickly showed Tara the value of calling your own shots.

As a consummate eBay user, she realized that her love of fashion and keen attention to detail could somehow turn into profit. So began her business, which she runs from the bedroom of the house she herself bought.

4 Lessons to Take from Tara Right Now

Being Entrepreneurial Doesn’t Have to be a Grandiose Feat

Tara started small. She sold one thing on eBay, then another, then a third. Slowly but surely she learned how to master that world.

You Can Have it All

Tara is a wife, a mother and and a business woman—and she hasn’t even turned 30. She made her own money, which means she is able to give energy to all the other parts of her life, and as such be rich in every way.

Get Real with Real Estate

Instead of buying shoes and jewels, she saved her money and bought a house. Early on, Tara understood that owning such assets would be the path to her financial freedom.

Work Hard—But On Your Own Terms

By creating a brand that is driven by the Internet, Tara not only has very little overhead, but can also work on her terms. She can dedicate a few hours a day to manage her transactions, and spend the bulk of her time with her husband and baby.

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