Meet Dolores Caffaro: Furniture & Staging Maven to the Stars

When Dolores Caffaro’s father sent her to live in Los Angeles from Argentina she was outraged. But she was even more outraged when he made her come right back a few months later. Infuriated, she hastily sold her apartment and returned to the US, where she joined forces with her step-father to launch a furniture business. The last thing she thought, as a struggling immigrant, was that she would one day count supermodels Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista as some of her clients.

Today she not only owns a company that manufactures and sells furniture, but also masters the staging industry, a significant driver of her revenue, which she never anticipated.

4 Lessons to Take from Dolores Right Now

Be Willing to Pivot

Dolores began as a furniture seller, but quickly realized there was money to be made in home staging. By staying open and flexible, she was able to adapt to increase her revenue streams.

Take Cues From the Immigrant Mentality

Accustomed to the logistical challenges that arise abroad, Dolores embraced and took advantage of the ease of process that comes with life in the United States.

Learn How to Love Fear & Failure

When Dolores arrived to the US, she knew nothing about furniture, much less how it is manufactured. Despite any fear or trepidation, she traveled to China willingly, where she would learn the whole process from scratch.

You Are Your Own Prince Charming

Dolores is married to a successful Beverly Hills dentist. However, this never stopped her from pursuing her goal to become self-reliant, which allows her to be rich in every way.