Meet Irene Romero: Veteran Banker & Financial Advisor, Entertainment Industry

Irene grew up in Arleta, California as one of nine children in a traditional Latino family. She was mentored by her high school teacher who helped her get a job at Wells Fargo Bank after graduation. Irene worked day and night to learn everything she could about banking and also took business classes. Against all odds, a determined Irene persevered for over twenty years servicing the financial and banking needs of the entertainment industry. She has managed the Entertainment Divisions for Wells Fargo Bank, City National Bank, and Mercantile National Bank.  She has been involved with the financing of over 200 films, including Braveheart, Driving Miss Daisy, Babel, Iron Man, Twilight and Milk, to name a few.

In 1993 Irene formed her own company, Irene Romero & Associates LLC and provides financial consultation services. In addition she serves on the California Science Center Board (appointed by Governor Brown) Board of LA Leadership Academy (charter school) Brave New Films, USC Thornton School of Music, and UCLA Life Sciences.

4 Lessons to Take From Irene Right Now

To Be Chosen you have to Choose Yourself First

Irene never stopped believing in herself or that others were smarter and better than her just because she didn’t go to college. She never let anyone put barriers in her path to success.

Relationships Matter

Irene always put in the extra effort to build relationships with her customers and clients. She treated everybody as if they were her biggest client, because some day they could be.

Live Beneath Your Means

Irene always kept her spending priorities in order and had a long term financial plan. She always saved what she could and had a financial safety net.

Don’t Buy Shoes Buy Buildings

Irene invested in real estate early so it could become her income source when she wanted to work because she wanted to not because she had to.