Meet Alejandra Campoverdi: A Multi-Dimensional Woman who Transformed her Pain into her Superpower

Rising from a difficult childhood to attend Harvard, work in President Obama’s White House, and run for Congress, Alejandra Campoverdi’s SELF MADE story is a winding journey that’s always had a guiding light –  her passion for community.

A proud Mexican-American, Alejandra grew up in Los Angeles, CA where her family often needed to rely on public assistance to get by, and limited healthcare access contributed to the passing of Alejandra’s grandparents. It was also the 90s, a time when racial tensions were high, and anti-immigrant legislation created a difficult environment for her family. These painful issues later became the fuel for Alejandra’s campaign platform.

After graduating from the University of Southern California and working at a health foundation to support migrant farmworkers, Alejandra attended grad school at Harvard University. From there she joined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign then landed a job at the White House, where she was promoted to be the first-ever deputy director of Hispanic media. After leaving the White House she worked for a media company in Miami, then later returned to L.A. where she worked for the LA Times, launching a digital platform on race, immigration and identity.

A change in administration and affordable healthcare were catalysts that inspired Alejandra to raise her voice and take action for her family and community. Fueled by anger and the desire to resolve painful issues, Alejandra decided to choose herself – and her community – and run for congress.

Throughout her career and still today as an advocate for women’s health and a First 5 California State Commissioner, Alejandra is the embodiment of the Self Made spirit.

4 Lessons to Take from Alejandra Right Now

Celebrate Being a Multidimensional Woman.  

Being a woman with multiple dimensions is something to be proud of. We shouldn’t try to conform or fit into boxes to make other people feel more comfortable. Continue to be brave and to choose yourself. What makes you different is actually why you have something to contribute.

Turn Your Pain Into Fuel. 

Channel your anger and outrage to do something great. Put your skin in the game, and use the kaleidoscope of your experiences towards a greater purpose. Those of us who are able have an obligation to do so.

By Choosing Yourself, You Choose Your Entire Community.  

Your capacity to help your family or community is directly correlated to your capacity to help yourself. Whether you’re raising money to run for office or starting a business to make money, by choosing yourself, you’re building wealth for the family and entire community that you represent.

It’s Important To Do The Hard Work. 

We’re told we need to network and present ourselves well, but at the end of the day nothing takes the place of doing the hard work and being known for your work.