Meet Cynthia Ambres, M.D. CEO of Health & Beyond, LLC

Born in New York City to a family of humble beginnings, Dr. Cynthia Ambres knew from a young age that her calling in life was to help others. With her passion for math and science, becoming a doctor seemed written in the stars. Her parents had made many sacrifices so that she and her sister could access opportunities and be among the first in their family to finish college.  Dr. Ambres was determined to honor what they had given her.

She excelled in school, earned a college scholarship and graduated from a top medical school to begin a prestigious career in emergency medicine. As a woman in the medical field, and especially as a woman of color, Dr. Ambres faced obstacles and discrimination, but her wisdom, intellect, talent and passion for her patients propelled her forward. What set Dr. Ambres apart was her focus on the human aspect of medicine, and her emphasis on treating patients with humanity, respect and caring.

She cared so much in fact, that she sought ways to impact the broken healthcare system in a quest to change it for the better. She enriched her skillset, took on new roles such as consulting, and travelled across the country seeing how your geography greatly affects your medical care, attaining a fuller understanding of the US system.  She then took on C-suite level roles on the provider side, as well as within insurers, becoming a leading expert in healthcare reform.

With a self-made mindset, Dr. Ambres continues to re-chart her path in the medical field. After years in the mainstream healthcare system, she recently started her company, Health and Beyond, LLC, which fosters the adoption of practices that promote wellness and living ones best life.

4 Lessons to Take from Dr. Cynthia Right Now

Embrace an Entrepreneurial Spirit, No Matter What Your Career.

We all hope to establish a vision for our lives and careers, but know that the road winds and turns. Being one who is always ready to undertake whatever comes into our path is the healthiest way to live life. Knowing that you have the resilience and self reliance to determine your path will enable you to assure your financial future as well.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving and Investing. 

Dr. Ambres wished she had started saving and investing her money earlier, and encourages women that it’s never too late to start to take ownership of your finances. She recommends that women start saving early, no matter how small the paycheck, because it can add up so substantially over time. Then, she encourages women to invest the money they save, a skill she learned late in life.

Practice Self Care. 

Practicing self-care was something Dr. Ambres had neglected for many years as she built her career. Understanding that without good health no amount of success or money matters, she made the necessary shift in focus, making self-care a priority. She starts everyday with a practice of meditation and expresses gratitude for another opportunity to serve.

YOU Bring Light to the World.

In spite of being very accomplished, there has always been a part of Dr. Ambres that still felt she wasn’t good enough. Several years ago she began doing inner work to change that mindset. Her way of thinking now is,  “I am enough. I have the will, the love, the support, the wisdom INSIDE me, to bring my light into this world and this is my time to bring it,” inspiring all women to recognize their own light they bring to the world.