Meet Anne Thomopoulos World-Class Television Producer & Business Owner

Award-winning television producer Anne Thomopoulos comes from a traditional Greek family where the idea of prince charming was very real – men were the breadwinners who took care of the women. Yet, when her parents divorced and she saw how powerless her mother felt, Anne was determined to never be dependent on anyone else. She started to forge her own path, make her own money and build a successful career on her own terms.

Anne started at the bottom and worked hard for long hours. She began in the world of fashion photography then eventually she moved up to executive producing television. In a gutsy move, she landed an incredible role working with Michael J. Fox as the president of his production company. Anne’s next calling was HBO where she produced the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon, and mega-hits such as Laurel Avenue, Oz and Rome, among others.

When Anne sold her first international co-production deal for the historical mini-series From The Earth To The Moon she reached a pivotal moment in her self-made journey. She realized that her interest in history and the ability to sell material internationally enabled her to be bigger and bolder in her choices. She followed up with Band of Brothers and Rome which catapulted her reputation on the international television production scene and from there she began her own company brokering international production deals around the world. 

At every step along the way, Anne choose herself and went after what she wanted in life.

4 Lessons to Take from Anne Right Now

To Be Chosen, Choose Yourself First

When Anne’s boss, the president of the Michael J. Fox Production Company, took another job, Anne stepped up and offered to do the job. She worked without pay for six months to prove she could do a good job and then landed the role, showing that when you chose yourself, people take notice and choose you in return.

Be Afraid, But Keep Going   

There were many moments during Anne’s self-made journey where she felt afraid and even petrified. She always kept going in spite of her fears, and has achieved success in her career and business.

The Pieces of the Puzzle Come Together

Life is a puzzle that reveals itself slowly, and every experience along the way is a valuable opportunity to learn and build relationships. As Anne progressed through her career, all of her experiences, leadership roles, production projects, relationships, and skills came together and culminated in Anne opening her own company brokering international production deals.

Believe in Yourself

If there’s something you want to do, you should believe in yourself, be confident and just jump.