Meet Renata Rensky: Make-Up Artist to the Stars

When Renata and her family left the former Soviet Union, they came to the U.S. as political refugees and started over with absolutely nothing. Renata needed to make money and help her parents, and the experience left her hungry to embrace every opportunity her new country had to offer.

Renata decided to pursue a passion she’s had since a little girl – becoming a make-up artist. She left her unfulfilling corporate job and started over completely as an assistant to celebrity make-up artists. She kept learning and pursuing her trade, and grew to become a sought-after make-up artist for magazines, TV shows and Hollywood stars.

Inspired by the self-made stories of other women, Renata recently decided she needed a new game plan. Her make-up business was successful but was no longer enough, and she wanted to diversify and pursue a new income stream. Seeing a unique opportunity in the market for permanent make-up services, Renata embarked on a new path again, and took courses to learn how to do permanent makeup. She then created her business plan and launched Renata Rensky’s permanent makeup beauty studio.

Like so many immigrants, Renata has become self-made through continuous evolution, reinvention and the mastery of new trades in order to reach new heights.   

Four Things You Can Take Away From Renata Right Now

Start by Getting In the Door

Renata wanted to begin a new career as a make-up artist, but had no experience or training. So she started out by assisting and learning from others. She got in the door, honed her craft, created her signature style, and developed relationships with the people who would become her first clients. Referral by referral, Renata built her own make-up artist business.

Keep Learning & Evolving

Renata is continuously learning and developing herself as a person, professional and business owner. She takes courses, listens to podcasts and learns from the inspiring stories other self-made women. She took a course to evaluate her career and business, and from there made the decision to evolve her business to the next phase.

Expand Your Business with a Side Hustle

While Renata continued to do make-up for her celebrity clients, she started to build out the next evolution of her business.  She took courses on how to do permanent makeup and launched her permanent makeup beauty studio on the side.

Turn Something from Your Culture into a Business

Permanent makeup was popular in the Soviet Union for blonde women who wanted their features to stand out. Renata saw an opportunity to introduce the makeup style to women in the U.S., where it wasn’t as well known or widely used. Renata took something from her culture and brought it to the U.S. as a unique business niche.