Meet Diana Nyad: Epic Adventurer Who Refuses To Accept Defeat

The life Diana Nyad leads is nothing short of epic. Through eternal optimism, sheer grit and a refusal to accept defeat, she has overcome many odds to accomplish extraordinary feats. A world champion swimmer, Diana is known for her record-setting ocean swims, undeniable tenacity and enduring spirit.  Despite hardships she endured as a child, she hasn’t let anything stop her ...

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Meet Elaine Spierer: Real Estate Mogul Who Reinvented her Life

At the age of 45 Elaine Spierer made a radical decision to reinvent her entire life.

As an office clerk and wife to a successful husband, she was leading a very traditional life and felt stuck on a course that was no longer for her. Realizing she wanted to forge her own path, Elaine separated from her husband and made a ...

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Meet Alejandra Campoverdi: A Multi-Dimensional Woman who Transformed her Pain into her Superpower

Rising from a difficult childhood to attend Harvard, work in President Obama’s White House, and run for Congress, Alejandra Campoverdi’s SELF MADE story is a winding journey that’s always had a guiding light –  her passion for community.

A proud Mexican-American, Alejandra grew up in Los Angeles, CA where her family often needed to rely on public assistance to get by, ...

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Meet Irene Romero: Veteran Banker & Financial Advisor, Entertainment Industry

Irene grew up in Arleta, California as one of nine children in a traditional Latino family. She was mentored by her high school teacher who helped her get a job at Wells Fargo Bank after graduation. Irene worked day and night to learn everything she could abut banking and also took business classes. Against all odds, a determined Irene persevered ...

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Meet Janet Yang: The Chinese-American Film Producer who Achieved Success by Connecting with Her Roots

Ever since she was a little girl, Janet Yang’s life was a dance between her Chinese heritage and her American experience. Her parents came to the United States in 1942 on the heels of the revolution, and raised Janet in Long Island, where they were the only Asians around. When Janet was 15, her parents—after missing home terribly—decided it was ...

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Meet Jenny Buettner: Real Estate Exec Turned Inventor of Breakthrough Lingerie

When real estate executive Jenny Buettner attended her sister’s wedding just after delivering her own third baby, she found herself up against a common post-birth issue—wardrobe. But instead of sulking, Jenny took matters into her own hands. Intent on looking great for the wedding by avoiding an unseemly visible panty line, she cut the sides of her G-string panties and ...

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Meet Dolores Caffaro: Furniture & Staging Maven to the Stars

When Dolores Caffaro’s father sent her to live in Los Angeles from Argentina she was outraged. But she was even more outraged when he made her come right back a few months later. Infuriated, she hastily sold her apartment and returned to the US, where she joined forces with her step-father to launch a furniture business. The last thing she ...

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Meet Tara Winter: eBay Maverick Who Runs a Business From Her Bedroom

Tara Winter came from a family that never had to worry about money—until they did, and suddenly life as she knew it radically changed. Tara, who was used to things like private school and shopping with friends, started working retail to help her parents make ends meet. Flexing the work muscle not only provided her income, but also quickly showed ...

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Meet Sherrijon Gaspard: Flight Attendant who Soared by Making Her Own Wine

As a flight attendant, Sherrijon Gaspard prides herself on being an expert at keeping passengers comfortable and content. But it wasn’t until she started moonlighting as a business school student that she found a way to make herself truly content. Combining her new education with her built-in love of hospitality and entertaining, she started a line of sparkling wine, using ...

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Julissa Arce: From Undocumented to Self-Made, Part Two

The odds were always stacked against Julissa Arce in America. She didn’t speak English. She was apart from her family for most of her life. She couldn’t apply for financial aid as a senior in high school ready for college. She was alone in the world with a giant secret—the unfortunate fact that she was undocumented. Yet despite every ...

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