Meet Diana Nyad: Epic Adventurer Who Refuses To Accept Defeat

The life Diana Nyad leads is nothing short of epic. Through eternal optimism, sheer grit and a refusal to accept defeat, she has overcome many odds to accomplish extraordinary feats. A world champion swimmer, Diana is known for her record-setting ocean swims, undeniable tenacity and enduring spirit.  Despite hardships she endured as a child, she hasn’t let anything stop her from thriving and pressing on to live a good life. Diana pursued her lifelong dream to swim from Cuba to Florida, which she accomplished after 35 years at the age of sixty-four, with millions watching around the globe.

Diana is a person who shoots for the stars, even if it means failing, and never stops growing as a human being. She is now on a mission to inspire people across the nation to see the epic inside them and be the best they can be. Since her swim from Cuba, she has written her book Find a Way, launched a national movement called Everwalk to get people walking and experiencing the great outdoors, and is speaking out about sexual abuse.

Her incredible story proves you’re never too old to chase your dreams.

4 Lessons to Take from Diana Right Now

Every Person has Epic in Them.

From Diana’s perspective every human being is special. Every person has epic in them, and every person has true grit in them. No matter your circumstance, you can still get up and do it. You can find your true grit and be anything you want to be in this life.  

Shoot for the Stars & Refuse to Give Up.

Diana made four failed attempts to swim from Florida to Cuba, and on her fifth attempt she made it to shore. Diana shows us we can get up again when we fall, and that if you refuse to give up, you will get to your other shore, whatever it is.

Everybody Needs a Team.

Like everything we do in life, it takes a team. As Diana navigated the dangerous waters from Cuba to Florida, she had a team of 44 people surrounding her – from shark divers to her expedition leader. They made history together.

Make Everyday Worthwhile.

Every day when you wake up, make a promise to make that day worthwhile. Don’t squander it away or worry about being too old – engage with others, do something meaningful and live every minute.