Billion Dollar Blind Spot: How the U.S. Tax Code’s Small Business Expenditures Impact Women Business Owners

“Taxation plays a key role in the survival and growth of small businesses, primarily through its effect on equity infusion. The major source of equity capital for expansion of a business is reinvested profits. The amount of tax the business must pay determines the amount of money available for growth and expansion.” – U.S. Dep’t of Commerce, Interagency Task Force ...

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Understanding the SELF MADE Economy

Let’s face it: most people have no choice but to work. They don’t have trust funds or generations of family wealthy to sustain them through the ups and downs of life. Everyone’s needs, and sometimes those of their family members, are dependent on their ability to earn enough income to cover them. Sadly, a large part of the population stay ...

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5 Famous Immigrants who Made it to the Top

It’s no mystery or surprise that the cultural landscape of this country grows more diverse by the day. Multiculturalism and immigrant success stories are the new normal, which means that in many ways that immigrants and their children now drive the MO of the nation’s value systems and ideals—which is a great thing! “Immigrants are the true believers and the ...

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7 Women Who Built Businesses by Solving Problems

When it comes to having “a big idea” for a brand or a business, we often make the mistake of thinking it has to be something radical; something different; something brand-spanking new. Seldom do we think about problems businesses can solve. We get so caught up trying to invent the most unique new thing, that we often forget one of the ...

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How to Start a Business From Your Closet One Hour a Week

The nine-to-five scenario is, for many, a thing of the past, to which we say, HECK YES! As women on the road to becoming self-made, you should embrace the new paradigm of flexibility, and reflect on how to sell stuff online, because it liberates you to tackle multiple revenue-generating opportunities, on your time and your terms.

Each of us has ...

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8 Different Ways to Access Hidden Money in Your Life

If someone told you there was a stash of cash laying around in your house somewhere, would you not do everything in your power to find it? Well, we’re here to tell you there is. It may not be a wad of hundreds neatly bundled in crisp new bills with a pink bow tied around it, but believe us when ...

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In the News: Money Begins with Mentorship & Making Yourself Known

Find Your Female Spirit Animal

When it comes to business, it’s not just a man’s world. There are so many female idols we can model ourselves after and learn from, and we don’t even have to meet them in person!

Can’t find a female role model? As Nely tells it, a mentor doesn’t necessarily have to impact you in person. They can ...

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How to Save Money: One Year of Salary

How to save money. It’s the million-dollar question. Many of us know how to go out there and make money, which is a wonderful thing. The ability to use our skills and talents to earn income keeps us stable, grounded in reality, and able to sleep at night, knowing that the major bills of our lives—rent, mortgage, bills, tuition, food—are ...

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What It Means to Lower Your Overhead

We’re going to go out on a limb and say something that might sound scandalous: being cheap is not a bad thing. Call it frugal, thrifty, penny-pinching or stingy—here at SELF MADE, we call it smart. Why? Because when you watch your wallet, you are exercising the part of your consciousness that is directly connected to what we, around here, ...

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The Problem of Falling in Love with a Company

Entrepreneur is Safer than Employee

Stability is a good thing. No one will argue with that. It feels great to know that your bills are paid, your kids are fed, your rent or mortgage is handled for the month, and that the everyday minutiae of your life is manageable by virtue of that oh-so-comforting thing that arrives twice a month—your beloved ...

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