Facebook Latino Leadership Day 2017

Redwood City, CA | November 15, 2017
Nely Galan is kicking off the one day event teaching Facebook employees how to become self made while working in a corporation.

2017 Variety Inclusion Summit – Diversity & Hollywood

Beverly Hills, CA | November 1, 2017
Nely Galan will speak on how to become SELF MADE in the entertainment industry and the importance of cultivating relationships with bankers, the SBA and investors.

Women’s Conference of Florida 2017

Tampa, FL | October 26, 2017
Come see Nely Galan kick off the Women's Conference of Florida as she talks about how to become Self Made!

Limitless Living Conference

Atlanta, GA | October 20 - October 21, 2017
A 1.5 day event catered to multi-cultural, working women, entrepreneurs, and moms who want to achieve limitless growth within their lives.

Ebay Hispanic Heritage Conference 2017

San Jose, CA | October 13, 2017
Nely is the Keynote speaker at Ebay's Hispanic Heritage Conference.

SAP Software Conference 2017

Palo Alto, CA | October 12, 2017
Nely stops at SAP on her Silicon Valley tour to address the importance of a Self Made Mindset.

Adobe Conference 2017

San Jose, CA | October 11, 2017
Nely is the keynote speaker at the Adobe Acrobat Conference.

Talks @ Google 2017

Mountain View, CA | October 11, 2017
Nely gives a google Talk about becoming Self Made

Los Uber Hispanic Heritage Conference 2017

San Francisco, CA | October 10, 2017
Nely speaks at Uber HQ for Hispanic Heritage Month

How to Become SELF MADE

Tuscon, AZ | October 5, 2017
Seminar on Financial Empowerment, Entrepreneurship & Being a Self Starter.