Self Made Mastery Series

Nely Galan and Self Made, presented by Coca-Cola, bring you an incredible series of SELF MADE MASTERY with real-talk on what it takes to start and run your business. Three extraordinary webinars that take you step-by-step from getting started to running and expanding a profitable business. Watch all three for a clear road map of how to get there. This step-by-step crash course with Nely will demystify the process of becoming a Self Made entrepreneur. Adelante! Let’s get going!

HOW TO START YOUR BUSINESS: The Goals, The Game plan and Getting it done.

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In this webinar Nely will show you how to start with an idea and turn it into reality. You will get the step by step process, the thoughts, the goals, the strategy, then the legal, the financial, the insurance, every, single, thing no one has ever told you about what needs to be done to get started and run your own business.


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Now that you’ve begun, what’s next? Nely shows you how to take your business to the next level. She and special guest Nell Merlino, founder of COUNT ME IN, teach you how to write a one page business plan and how to find the money to fund your business. You’ll get the guidance needed so you can hang in there when the going gets tough.


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In this webinar Nely will teach you how to manage your money, diversify your business, stay profitable and take your business to a higher level. This webinar is your Masters program in your business.

Coca-Cola is proud to support Adelante as part of our 5by20 commitment to enable 5 million women entrepreneurs by the year 2020.