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This is a new web series that showcases the incredible success stories of SELF MADE women from all walks of life.

Meet Jenny Buettner: Real Estate Exec Turned Inventor of Breakthrough Lingerie

When real estate executive Jenny Buettner attended her sister’s wedding just after delivering her own third baby, she found herself up against a common post-birth ...

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Meet Dolores Caffaro: Furniture & Staging Maven to the Stars

When Dolores Caffaro’s father sent her to live in Los Angeles from Argentina she was outraged. But she was even more outraged when he made ...

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Meet Tara Winter: eBay Maverick Who Runs a Business From Her Bedroom

Tara Winter came from a family that never had to worry about money—until they did, and suddenly life as she knew it radically changed. Tara, ...

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Meet Sherrijon Gaspard: Flight Attendant who Soared by Making Her Own Wine

As a flight attendant, Sherrijon Gaspard prides herself on being an expert at keeping passengers comfortable and content. But it wasn’t until she started moonlighting ...

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About The Author

Latina media dynamo and women’s empowerment advocate Nely Galán, dubbed the “Tropical Tycoon” by The New York Times Magazine, is one of the entertainment industry’s savviest firebrand talents. An immigrant and self-made media mogul, Galán was the first Latina President of Entertainment for a U.S. television network (Telemundo). She is an Emmy Award-winning producer of over 600 episodes of television in Spanish and English, including the FOX hit reality series “The Swan”.