Resources For Latina-Owned Businesses

It was Nely Galán’s own Adelante Movement (“Move it forward!” in Spanish), which kicked off in 2012 to train and empower Latinas to become entrepreneurs—that sparked the idea to write SELF MADE.

The entrepreneurial spirit lives strong in Latino culture, but did you know Latinas make up almost half of all Latino-owned businesses? According to the 2018 American Express State of Women-Owned Businesses report, Latina-owned firms bring in more than $110 million a year in revenue. We know, impressive.

According to the research conducted by American Express, as one of the largest minority women’s groups in the U.S., Latinas focus largely on Health Care Services, Technical Services, and “Other” Services, including hair salons, nail salons, in 2018. At The Adelante Movement, we want you to know you have the potential to be just as successful as fellow Latinas that have already taken the plunge. We’ve outlined a few sites below to help get you started.

Funding for Latina Women

Access to capital doesn’t have to be a barrier to building your business. The resources below will help you get started on your search for funding.


Provides small business loans and support for underrepresented small business owners, including minority women.

Aspen Capital Fund

This fund offers not only funds, but also options on how to grow your business in all ways properly and financially stable. Specializes in Hispanic and minority-owned businesses.


This organization connects angel investors with highly qualified entrepreneurs and their ventures. After applicants are accepted into Astia’s Expert Sift program, they can pitch any time and participate in monthly Astia Venture Launches out of one of their primary outposts in Silicon Valley, New York City, or London.

Kapor Capital

Focusing on African American and Latino communities that have lack of funding, this organization offers to help tech companies in the seed stage who are looking to close gaps in their local community.

Wells Fargo

A huge supporter of minority-owned businesses, Wells Fargo continues to support Latinas looking to start their business. They help pair you with the correct funder and offer a resource library for any questions you may have.

Resources for Training

The first step to doing, is learning. This section provides a number of programs geared to Latinas building or growing a business. These programs offer training, development, mentorship and more.

Association of Women’s Business Centers

This association of organizations provides training, networking, mentoring, and business developing, and financing.

At The Table Women In Business and Leadership

In conjunction with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, this program aims to offer counseling and exposure for new businesses. Categories include STEM, small business and social business venture.

Core Woman

Founded in Colombia to empower women with business development training and other resources, this organization is launching in the United States to help American Latinas.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)

Offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and college transfer students pursuing any degree in higher education. Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 dependant on demonstrable need.

National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC)

This coalition offers a Policy Fellowship Program each semester where at least one student is selected to receive training and development in legal and policy research, analysis, writing and public speaking. They also offer an annual intensive TV Writers Program for Latino screenwriters  that develops writing skills and prepares participants for jobs at major television networks.

National Latina Business Women Association (NLBWA)

This empowerment and networking group provides support to Latinas in business and professional careers. Their ‘Business Management Academy’ offers an in-depth, six-weeks hands-on training that teaches how to be a successful small business owner and manager. Emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs can take advantage of the six-to-eight-week ‘Emerging Latinas Program’ which teaches the steps to start or grow and existing business.

Reach Personal Branding

This site offers a wealth of information, including certification courses, for entrepreneurs interested in personal branding or developing their personal brand to become more marketable in business or professional careers.

Ser Mujer E-Learning Programs for Entrepreneurs

This program empowers Latina entrepreneurs by providing access to in-depth online entrepreneur training.

We All Grow Summit

A Latina-blogger-founded effort that hosts events around the country to empower women with all types of businesses.

Women’s Business Border Center

This organization offers a variety of courses to help Latinas overcome issues such as language, and receive proper training on all aspects of business.  

Resources For Networking

We’ve all heard the Spanish saying, “Dime con quien andas y te diré quien eres.”. Translation: “Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are.” and we couldn’t agree more. When starting your business it’s important to be around people with similar goals and missions so you can get advice and perspective. Reach Out!

30% Club

This network promotes diversity on company and organizational boards through initiatives that educate companies on diversity, encouraging and supporting chairmen to/who appoint women to boards, and create greater awareness around the need for diversity.

Aspen Network of Development of Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

This membership based global network provides entrepreneurs with the resources they need to kick off a successful business. Members gain access to financial, educational and business support services to small businesses that are committed to create jobs which lead to economic growth.

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA)

AHAA advocates to gain more visibility and opportunities for the Hispanic marketing, communications and media industries. They offer a database of market research for members and a number of network opportunities  throughout the year.

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

A networking organization of finance and accounting professionals and entrepreneurs. This organization offers a number of benefits including annual conferences, networking events, and initiatives and programs which includes a,  ‘Women of ALPFA (WOA)’ program,  that supports Latina professionals building their professional careers.


Catalyst promotes inclusion for women in the workplace and beyond. Important initiatives focus on closing the gender pay gap and including women on company and organizational boards.

Chicago Latino Professional Network

With more than 40,000 professional Latinos registered to monthly events, this network provides a space for vendors to find new clients and talk shop.

Committee for Economic Development (CED)

A public advocacy organization that connects high level executives and gives them the ability to make a greater impact on public policy.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC)

An organizations that focuses on the education, training and development of Hispanic leaders through high school and college. They offer a number of scholar- intern, public policy and and Graduate Fellowships to develop future and emerging leaders.

Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI)

CWDI advocates for the inclusion of women on corporate boards throughout the globe. Participants can develop corporate leadership skills and provide gain access to a global network of women directors.

Cuban American National Council (CNC)

This network offers a number of programs to help individuals, specifically immigrants, become self-reliant. Programs include: leadership training and development, and an employment  and for refugees, asylees, and parole entrants.


Entrepreneurs can join this network to participate in programs that develop entrepreneurial skills and gain access to a valuable network of mentors and funders.

Farmworkers Justice

A national nonprofit that advocates for improved wages, working conditions and treatment of immigrant and seasonal migrant workers in the United States.

Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC)

The GWHCC offers entrepreneur development and technological assistance and advocacy services for Hispanic-owned startups or existing businesses. Membership is required to gain access to this extensive network.

Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE)

This organization’s offers leadership development programs to enhance Latina skill sets and empower them to reach leadership positions in government.

Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)

Connecting corporate America with leading Hispanic professional talent. They offer a ‘HACR Leadership Pipeline Program’ that allows participants to develop leadership and management skills with the mentoring of Fortune 500 and HACR Corporate Member Companies.

Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC)

A membership based network of Hispanic senior business and IT executives that offers a number of skill development programs.

Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA)

National nonprofit membership based organization for Hispanic legal professionals in the United States. Membership includes professional and business development resources and networking opportunities.

Hispanic Women’s Corporation

A two-day conference to give Latina women the resources and tools to be the best entrepreneurs possible. Speakers from various industries give advice on navigating business, health, law and leadership.


Annual conference for Latinos in digital content creation, journalism, marketing and tech entrepreneurship.

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP)

Maintains community programs that develop hispanic- led nonprofits through training and development programs and grant opportunities.

Latin Business Association (LBA)

A membership based networking organization that offers business resources, certifications and access to capital.

Latinas in Business (LIB)

A networking and support group for Latina professionals and business owners.

Latina Style Business Series

A networking opportunity for Latinas to meet and discuss issues within the industry. Founded in 1998, their goal is to empower all Latina entrepreneurs.

Latinas Think Big

Advice and mentoring are huge when starting a new business. Latinas Think Big gives you access to some of the biggest, baddest Latinas around. Also offer an online community for immediate help.

Latino Startup Association (LSA)

An inspiring network of support that includes entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and mentors.

Mana – A National Latina Organization

A network of Latina professionals offering personal and professional development programs in financial literacy and leadership.

Mestiza Leadership International (MLI)

A leadership development network for Latinas offering support, leadership development, mentor opportunities  and other resources for professionals and business owners.

National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)

A national organization that advocates for the advancement of, and raises awareness to the contributions of Hispanic Journalist in the news.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN)

This network of support for Hispanic nurses also advocates for continued education, training and advancement of Hispanic women in the nursing field.

National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP)

A valuable network for Hispanic newspaper, magazine and related media owners in the United States. Membership is required and members gain a number of privileges, including access to training programs, events, scholarships and much more.

National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP)

A membership based support network for Latino content creators. They offer a number of networking events, conferences, creative workshops, and other programs; including a ‘Diverse Women in Media Initiative’ that focuses on the advancement of multicultural women to positions of power in the media.

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

A dues-based organization focused on the economic, political and social advancement of women business owners.

National Conference of Puerto Rican Women (NACOPRW)

This membership based networking group caters to Puerto Rican and other Latino women with a focus on professional skill and leadership development. They offer trainings, educational workshops, information sharing and other resources.

National Council of La Raza (NCLR)

The NCLR empowers the Latino community by through political advocacy, research, and policy analysis. They are committed to building opportunities that develop Latino communities and families.

National Chamber of Commerce for Gay and Lesbians

With outposts all around the country, this organization is known as a great first stop for resources, training, and meetups for the LGBT community throughout the United States.

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA)

This national nonprofit is dedicated to creating opportunities for Hispanic women to influence public policy and gain professional leadership positions that allow them to impact public society for the greater good.

National Hispanic Foundation of the Arts (NHFA)

The NHFA was founded in 1997 to advocate for greater opportunities for Hispanic Americans in the media, television and entertainment industry.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)

A networking organization for Hispanic MBA students and graduates.

National Hispanic Media Association (NHMA)

This network works hard to ensure  inclusion of Hispanics in media that is fair and accurate.

New America Alliance (NAA)

This economic and leadership development organization that prepares Latinos for positions of power in entrepreneurial, corporate and public service endeavors.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

A membership based, national networking and support group for Hispanic engineers.

The Boss Network

Women from all walks of life are welcome to the events on the dynamic, inspirational “Ladies Who Lead” tour. There’s also an excellent blog and engaged community online.

The Latino Coalition (TLC)

Started by a group of Hispanic business owners in 1955, The Latino Coalition continues to research and develop policies that are important to Latino progression in politics, economics, business and beyond.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

A long-standing resource for the Latino community, this organization provides workshops and events featuring major players in business, politics, and entertainment field.

The Red Shoe Movement

After finding success with her book and social-media-based “red shoe” movement to support professional women, Argentinian-American Mariela Dabbah decided to start hosting immigrant-friendly events for all women, where participants choose the subjects and find network within, and outside of, their community.

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

The largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the United States, this organization offers a“woman-owned” label that can help direct supportive consumers to your product. They also offer connection to large corporations and government resources, and are often thought of as essential for businesses hoping to scale.

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Representing more than 400 million dollars in Latino business, this national organization is a force in the community, providing training, access to capital, and large-scale networking in most cities across the country.

United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI)

Promotes education, research, and leadership development among Latinos to empower the Latino American communities.

Upwardly Global

Connects skilled immigrants with professional career opportunities.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF)

The USCCF provides the public with issues surrounding business development, impact and conditions in the United States. This information has led to the development of USCCF programs that empower and uplift communities and individuals.

U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC)

This membership based network  that provides women opportunities to connect with other women in business and offers opportunities for training, advocacy and business resources.

Voto Latino

This social campaign encourages Latinos, specifically youth and young adults, to use their votes to create a more diverse democracy.

Women at  

An online magazine with a sole focus on entrepreneurship information, news and resources. The women’s section provides information specific to women-owned and led businesses.

Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP)

A non-partisan public policy organization that advocates and helps create economic opportunities for women and minority owned businesses in the U.S. Offers a business knowledge center featuring webinars, blogs, funding information, and more to help entrepreneurs.

Women in the Black

Entrepreneurial organization catering to women of color in Harlem, New York and surrounding areas. Offers training, business development, and support for current and aspiring business owners.

Women Presidents Organization (WPO)

A member’s only network of female executives managing multi-million dollar ventures.