Simon T. Bailey’s Brilliant Customer Service Webinar

Simon T. Bailey and Nely Galán reveal why creating unforgettable moments is the secret sauce for your business’ success in today’s world.

Leapfrog with Nathalie Molina Niño Series

Nely Galan and Nathalie Molina Niño, author of the new book, Leapfrog, will teach you what it takes to be a Leapfrogger and show you how you can leapfrog your way to success as an entrepreneur. Leapfrog hits shelves on August 28th!

How to Raise Self Made Kids

Nely Galán and her son Lukas Rodriguez talk about passing the torch and creating Self Made kids and family businesses.

Becoming Self Made in the Food Industry Series

There are so many entrepreneurial opportunities for you in the growing food industry, and these free webinars will show you how to get started and grow our food business.

SELF MADE Mastery - Summer Webinar Series

Nely Galan and Self Made, presented by Coca-Cola, bring you an incredible summer school of SELF MADE MASTERY with real-talk on what it takes to start and run your business. Three extraordinary webinars that take you step-by-step from getting started to running and expanding a profitable business. Watch all three for a clear road map of how to get there. This step-by-step crash course with Nely will demystify the process of becoming a Self Made entrepreneur. Adelante! Let’s get going!

How to Build Your Brand & Business Through Reality TV

Nely Galán will take you through the steps and preparation for how to get on a reality show with special guests, Sheila Conlin, Hollywood’s Reality TV Casting Director, and Jovanka Ciares, Wellness Expert and the first Adelante woman to be on a reality show.

In Your Pain is Your Brand

Nely Galán shows you how to identify, cultivate and communicate your brand on your way to success.

Hidden Money in America

There’s so much hidden money for Latina women in America — but very little information on how to access it. Learn how to find it all from the one woman who knows most about it: Rosie Rios, the most recent U.S. treasurer!

A Master Class in Social Media

Raise your hand if you know social media is crucial when it comes to your business, but you're not always sure about how to properly utilize it for maximum results.  Guess what? You're not alone. Many of us feel daunted by the prospect of a media that is as dynamic and volatile as it is persistent in our lives. But you know what else social media is? It's learnable.

From Micro to Millions

Who wants to make a million dollars!? Whether you have a small business already or are thinking about starting one, join author and founder of Count Me In, Nell Merlino, to learn how to take your business from zero to millions.